Welcome to TT Naiyang Beach Phuket

Accommodation Services was close to sea level, We offer to 3-star hotel.

The room are tastefully decorated in the sea you can relax in comfort and privacy in an
atmosphere of maritime Southern asia in the quiet of nature, near the airport, just 2 km

Accommodation Profile
- Bedding: King - Queen
- Capacity: 3 Adults or 2 Adultsd 1 Children
- Beach Direct Access

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Nai Yang Beach, Phuket
This is where the National Park offices are located.
The beach itself is on a long curving bay lined with
evergreens that provide shade to picnickers for which activity this is a very popular spot. The large
coral reef is home to many different species of fish,
and Nai Yang is well-known as a site where sea
turtles come to lay their eggs during the period from
November to February; the population of these has,
however, dropped off greatly. First class accommodations are available, and small food
vendors cater to the many day trippers that visit.
To get there take Nai Yang Rd. and look for signs
indicating the park entrance.

Naiyang Beach Phuket